Still skeptical? Check out what some of our customers have to say about Tails R Waggin'.

“It is such a relief to know that someone else will care for your dog as much as you do! Charlie and Juli are a gift from heaven! Winston gets so excited when he goes to day care or for an overnight stay. Thank you so much for caring and loving Winston!” -Debbie and Geoff (Winston)

"To those of us who treat our pets as family, having people like Charlie and Juli to care for our dogs is a complete relief. They provide care for our animals like no other. You can not find better, caring people to look after your pets than Tails R Waggin, Charlie/Juli and their Staff."         -Tim and Kathy (Bo)

*Great customer service and a great facility
*Personal service by dog loving owners
*Paisley comes home tired and ready to relax for the evening
*Great group of dogs almost daily
*Excellent opportunity to socialize your dog while away at work
-Kevin and Megyn (Paisley)

"When we began looking for a place to leave our sensitive pup during an upcoming vacation, we could not find a boarding facility that met our high standards. After a long search around the greater Portland area, we discovered Tails R Waggin which had all the amenities we wanted and the loving owners our timid pup needed.

All day play, open access to the outdoors, kiddy pools, and comfy couches all made our decision on this new business an easy one. During our time away, Tails R Waggin continued to ease our concerns with e-mailed pictures of our happy girl. We arrived home to a fresh smelling pup with a few new human friends. Juli and Charlie exceeded our expectations and their passion for our four legged friends couldn't be more apparent. Thanks so much!"

- Ron and Shareen (Sierra)

“Our dog absolutely loves going to the day care! She is able to play in a great facility, socialize, and burn a ton of energy – all under great supervision. We are thrilled! As dog owners with full time jobs, it is so nice to come home in the evenings to a dog that is tired and happy!”    - Matt & Amanda (Marley)

"We had looked around for a doggy daycare for our only dog Sydney (cookie) and found that many were too expensive or the times didn’t work for us. I found Tails R Waggin Doggy Day Care by chance after driving past it the day it opened. The hours 6:30 – 7:00 are great and work perfect for us. Sydney loves going there and Juli and Charlie give her the attention that we can’t by working all day. Sydney wasn’t around a lot of dogs on a day to day basis and she loves seeing her friends when she gets there. Our cat Oreo now gets the house back to himself during the day and now we have 2 happy animals.  I would definitely recommend Tails R Waggin Doggy Day Care."
- David, Margaret and Justin Solomon & Oreo (Cookie)

"Mattie & Jax LOVE Tails R Waggin! They start to whine when we get about 3 blocks away because they're so excited. Juli & Charlie are easy to work with and the set-up is great; outdoor running space with a kiddie pool, indoor play areas with couches, and lots of pooch-friends for them to play with. If you feel guilty because your dog is home all day missing you, check this place out and put your mind at ease. It's worth every penny! "         -Wendy (Mattie)

“My wife and I are very happy with the services at Tails R Waggin Doggy Day Care. We have noticed Auggie, our 3 year old Mini Pinscher looks, forward to playing with his friends and comes home tired from such a playful day. We initially brought Auggie to Tails R Waggin so he wouldn’t be lonely during the day by himself. We are happy to report he has benefitted from the socialization with other dogs in the clean, healthy and well supervised environment of Tails R Waggin.”      -Scott & Mitsu (Auggie)

“Finally we have a west side doggie haven! My dogs can't wait to get out of the car and into the party at Tails R Waggin! Thank you Charlie and Juli!”                     -Molly (Jax)

We think Charlie and Juli are simply wonderful!  We have every confidence leaving Molly in your care.  She's a happy puppy and can be quite the handful (as you know) but we are comfortable knowing that when she is at camp, she is nurtered and cared for as we care for her at home.  Your camp is always clean, neat and free of obstacles that would encumber four puppy paws!  Thank you for all the time, effort and kindness you extend on Molly's behalf.   Scott and Patti

Our dog absolutely loves going to the daycare!  She is able to play in a great facility, socialize and burn tons of energy - all under great supervision.  We ar thriled!  As dog owners with full time jobs, it is so nice to come home in the evenings to a dog that is tired and happy.